Useful Research links

Here you’ll find a selection of links to help you when researching land


Dorset Explorer

This mapping tool is great for all of Dorset, It lets you overlay old maps and add points and see scheduled monuments and historic information.

Cornwall Council Mapping

Great for researching Cornwall, find out historical info, monument locations, footpaths etc great tool!

Devon Council Mapping

Find the link here

Again a great mapping tool, Overlay old maps, view monument locations, find old footpaths, bridleways, listed buildings.

Side by Side Maps

Useful for comparing current maps with old maps of various ages. Its handy when trying to find out what the old field systems looked like and to see old long lost footpaths

Lidar Finder

Find the link here

Lidar finder is great for seeing cropmarks and shapes in fields that can be hard to see on normal maps, it uses lasers sent from satellites to measure high and low spots on the earths surface, which in turn makes history easier for you to spot