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Farms needed in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset for throughout  2021. All we need is your permission and to agree on a date, we take care of the rest. Each of our members are required to hold there own public liability from the national council for metal detecting.

We’re no trouble and leave everything as it was and pay you in cash on the day, We pay on a per person basis🙂 £10 per person that’s detecting, so 50 people would get you £500. All finds of interest are recorded with finds liaison officers when needed.  

Basically what it involves is members  of our group turning up at 8am, walking around fields that you’ve allowed us to use on the one day you’ve allowed us,  searching for hidden artefacts or coins. Once they come across a item with there metal detector they will dig a small hole, normally 6 to 12 inches, remove the item and refill the hole, being as careful as possible to make it look the same as it did. Everyone will have left your land by 5pm at the latest.

We have a basic contract we do with you to cover the payment, finds, rules and dates.

Any finds that fall under the treasure act 1996 or are valued at £500 or more, you are entitled to 50% of there value. In the case of treasure being found its the museum that splits the money between you and the finder.

We have 1 marshal for every 10 people that attend, these guys keep a eye on things and make sure that everyone respects your land and rules at all times. The number of people that attend is governed by the amount of acres you allow us to use. We generally work on a 1 acre per person rule, for example if you have 50 acres we’d cap the event at 50 people for that day. On rare occasions when your land has a very high historical value we may ask to increase the event cap by 25%.

We respect the country code and detectorists  code of conduct at all times.

Basically the more land you have and the better the history is in your area the more money you can earn. We require a minimum of 20 acres for a day

For more info please call Pete on 07544267285 or email  me at