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The payment link for Full Membership is now open. Any membership purchased from today will run from 1st May 2021 till 1st July 2022. If your thinking of coming to more then 4 digs in this 14 month period then this is definitely worth doing.

The cost of Membership is £20

This membership is optional.

Membership benefits…..

➡️ Digs cost £15 per day (non members cost £20)
➡️ Loyalty system, attend 10 digs to get a free dig
➡️ Guaranteed places on limited number digs
➡️ Free hot drinks from “Digin” at any dig they attend

Please note that membership is non refundable under any circumstances

Please don’t select more then 1 membership, if you need more then one please do them separately, thankyou.

DCDD 2022/22 Membership20.00 GBP
Your receipt will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address. Please keep this safe and bring to digs as its your proof of membership

Each subscription is only valid for one person